Valentine's Day Activity Bundle

Fall in Love With this Brand New Activity Bundle!

Keep your kids excited about Valentine's Day all February long with our holiday activity bundle!

Love is in the air, and the kids love to celebrate it all February-long with Valentine's Day. The most romantic holiday of all is right around the corner, so set your kids up with this activity bundle filled up with activities exploring love, hearts, and roses!

We’ve crafted a batch of activities to enjoy a whole month of Valentine's Day fun!

  • Coloring Pages
  • Connect The Dots
  • Cut & Paste Activities
  • Holiday-Themed Crafts

Keep your kids engaged and excited for Valentine's Day. Shop the Holiday Bundle today!

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More About The Bundle

We love our kids more than anything, and there's nothing better than when our kids are excited about an upcoming holiday. The brand new Valentine's Day Holiday Bundle offers your kiddos a full month of activities to keep them excited about the romantic holiday all month long!

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We Want the kids to be excited about Every Holiday

There’s nothing cuter than kids who are looking forward to the same thing you are! Having little-ones who are excited about Valentine's Day through the whole month of February is the best, and the Holiday Bundle is a great way to get those gears turning. Activities like coloring pages and connect-the-dots activities will keep your kiddos excited about Valentine's Day all February long!

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Parents Want the kids to have activities to keep them engaged all Month Long

It’s great having hands-on time with the kids any time of year, but we can all admit that it’s nice when they’re engaged in an activity that gives you a moment to relax. The Valentine's Day Activity Bundle is the perfect project for them to spend hours doing activities to keep them occupied so you can have a little extra time to yourself for planning your own Valentine's Day!

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Find new ways to Help Your kids enjoy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is such a unique holiday, that it's a lot of fun to find new ways to help the kids enjoy it! What's better than having the kids get excited about handing out valentines at school?

This activity bundle will give both of you plenty of ideas for celebrating the 14th, and keep the kiddos excited about Valentine's day all month long!


It's great when the kids spend their time learning and Having fun

It’s important for the kids to be having fun, but it’s also great when they’re spending time doing things that are worthwhile! All of our activities in this bundle have educational and development benefits like practicing creativity, fine motor skills, spelling, and art skills!

What's Included?

Coloring Pages

The Valentine's Day Holiday Bundle wouldn't be complete without holiday coloring pages! From little ones adding their own special creative touch to a bouquet of flowers to coloring in plenty of hearts, and more, we offer a collection of pages to flip through to keep the kids excited and engaged.

Love-Themed Crafts

Once you spread the love with unique coloring pages, connect the dots activities, and more, you’ll still have holiday crafts to do! Don’t miss the opportunity to begin building strong skills in learning activities they already love doing.

Cut & Paste Activities

Cut and paste activities are not only wonderful for building focus and increasing visual perception, but it’s something they love! Let the kids explore their romantic side with fun cut and paste projects centered around Valentine's Day!

Connect The Dots

Watch as your little one draws a Valentine's masterpiece with our connect the dots activity. It teaches kids that drawing doesn’t have to be difficult, and by connecting the dots one by one, they too are artists. Perfect for all ages, but especially younger kids who are developing eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. Watch as they create Valentine's scenes that they can then color in!

Valentine's Day is fun for everyone, and the kids love celebrating it at school. Bring more of that fun home, and kick-off the Valentine's Day season with a fun activity bundle! Encourage a learning experience as your kids dive into the fun of Valentine's coloring, crafts, and more.

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