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New Book Arriving on September 28th!

The next adventure for The Super Science Squad will be available for purchase on September 28th! Join the Squad as they use science to take on "The Crystal Thief" in this brand new book in the series. Just like the other books in The Super Science Squad series, this book will help teach your kids about science, and how much fun it can be!

Pre-Order "The Crystal Thief", and order the rest of the Super Science Squad on Amazon today.

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Prepare Your Child for School

Brooke was excited for her children to begin school but found that they were simply not prepared with the early childhood materials available. Busy parents turn to workbooks and child education resources, only to discover that they are outdated and not connected to today’s curriculum.

Super Science Squad offers proven courses and materials to prepare your child for the classroom. Our fun activities and engaging content ensure that young learners are excited about their education.

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Start Learning Today!

From our science adventure books to engaging YouTube videos and preparation courses, we’re here and ready to make learning fun for everyone. Check out our services to get started, or contact us online with questions. We look forward to learning with you!