Our series focuses on science adventure stories full of fun and excitement. Your kids will love the characters and wish to emulate their experiments afterward. Super Science Squad by Brooke Stevens was created to engage young minds and get readers thinking about the world around them. Rely on scientific experiments to save the day and then try them out in your home!


Online Courses

Super Science Squad offers pre-first grade education to prepare new students for the work ahead. Today’s prep materials leave considerable gaps compared to our modern curriculum, leaving learners behind after only a couple of weeks. Our online child education courses are designed to provide a fun, productive environment for your child to thrive in the first month and beyond!

Have questions? You can contact us online anytime for assistance. We look forward to learning with your family!



Our passion for inspiring a lifetime of learning for young students shines through our YouTube channel with engaging videos that encourage education and creativity. This format provides a full range of materials to go through with your child, including kids’ stories, science experiments for kids at home, and activities. You’re sure to have a fun time, and your young scientist will learn a thing or two!

We also offer educational resources through Facebook, Instagram, and more!