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Prepare Your Child for Grade School

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Super Science Squad is here to help your young student succeed. After experiencing the downfalls of modern preparation materials for students going into grade school, our founder decided to provide the tools and information needed for learners to thrive. We are happy to make learning fun for your little ones!

Super Science Squad offers pre-first grade education to prepare new students for the work ahead truly. Today’s prep materials leave considerable gaps compared to our modern and early childhood curriculum, leaving learners behind after only a couple of weeks. Our online learning courses are designed to provide a fun, productive environment for your child to thrive in the first month and beyond!

Have questions? You can contact us online anytime for assistance. We look forward to learning with your family!

Have questions? You can contact us online anytime for assistance. We look forward to learning with your family!

1st Grade Prep Courses


1st Grade Prep- Math

The best prep class to give your kids a head start on the first-grade math curriculum. Grab your pencil, and settle in. We’re going to review counting, measuring, telling time, and money to give your first-grade practice before they learn in the classroom in the fall.


1st Grade Flash Cards- Math

The perfect helping hand to pair with the Super Smart kids first Grade prep math course. These flashcards will help your new first grader practice topics like counting, measuring and telling time with fun, easy-to-read flashcards. They are an interactive tool to help your child nail these topics before they step foot into their new classroom.


1st Grade Prep- Reading

The 1st-grade prep Reading class will review everything your child needs to know about reading, vocabulary and sight words to ensure their success in the first grade. Just a little bit of practice with reading can help give your new first grader just the boost they need to feel confident and comfortable heading back into school with their new teacher!

Kinder Prep Courses

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Kinder Prep Math

The perfect tool for reviewing what your child needs to know to rock their kindergarten year!


Kinder Flash Cards

Flash Cards are one of the top methods for learning. Use these as a helpful educational tool to aid in the development of your little one for their kindergarten year!

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