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Writing A Series

WHEN WRITING A SERIES... I know a lot of authors want to write a series of books. There can be a lot of benefits to writing a series, including reader recognition of characters, story arcs that extend beyond one book, increased consumer anticipation for the next one to come out, characters have been developed. In truth, I didn't set out thinking I would do a series. I had a fun adventure that I wanted to bring to life. I could picture the characters and the story and how it could encourage the youths passion for science, so I knew it was something I should create.

When you develop great characters that are easy to love, then creating a second and third book of their adventures is easy. It is important to keep things similar for recognition, but it is also beneficial for the pocketbook. Here is something that is very true, publishing isn't easy and it can be expensive when you are self publishing and doing things alone. When the characters have been created but are on a new adventure, the illustration costs go way down. When you have a book that is successful and that you have spent the time to get just right, then following that format for the new books in the series, makes the process quicker as well. The covers should be similar enough to know they are connected, so that helps as well. Also, series make it easier for readers to find your books, and to buy more of them. One book can easily get lost in the shuffle of thousand of books available, but having the 5 books in your series, increases the odds and the key word recognition.

When writing my series, I was shocked how much more quickly I was able to complete the story and complete the entire process. Of course, the first time is the hardest since it is new. Having never written a book, nor published one, I spend countless hours doing research and learning from my mistakes. Those mistakes become less and less common after each book that I have published.

Unfortunately some books are not meant to be a series, but that is true very often. It may require creativity, but I have seen some amazing series blossom from books that I believed to be a once off. The you get started writing, don't necessarily go into the book with a series in mind, because the first book needs to stand on it's own. However, do write down any thoughts that develop during the writing process that may be beneficial to a potential series option.

As an author, you will find that your books get better and better, just like anything. Practice makes perfect. Publishing your first book is a huge deal, and it deserves celebration. Now, if that book doesn't sell like you hope, don't stop. Keep writing, keep publishing, and maybe even make your book into a series. As you learn the ropes, one of your books will gain steam and drive attention to your others. Dream big and never stop if you love what you do, it will be worth it in the end!