young girl working on workbook

Why is common core so confusing?

Oh the dreaded common core math homework! For all us parents it is just confusing. Why on earth must our kids learn and do 10 steps to get an answer that requires two steps? Well, originally common core was created to implement different ways of doing math that work for different students. Some people do better with pictures, some students need to see details of every step, and some students can skip straight to the answer by doing the work in their head. The hope was to find the best method for students so they could use the one that works best for them. The problem is that, instead of finding what works best for them, they are now required to learn how to do ALL the methods.

Well, if pictures and visuals don't make sense to you, then things are going to get tough, because you have to learn this method. The idea of common core was one that was trying to help the students that were getting left behind, but unfortunately, the implementation did exactly the opposite. While students who have brains that work differently are now able to learn using that method that works for them, they still struggle and fail because they cannot understand the other methods that are required.

Will common core be here to stay? Yes. Once a new system is introduced into the school system, it is very hard o undo it. It's not impossible, but it is highly unlikely to be undone any time soon. So for now, we will all have to deal with the dreaded common core.

The good news is that YouTube and other streaming services offer videos that break it down and help explain it to kids and adults. Visit our channel to learn more as well.