The Power of Laughter!

Who needs a laugh? Answer: We all do! Laughter makes the world a better place. With the pandemic still dragging on, laughter has never been needed more. The truth about laughter is that it does more for us as a human race that most people realize. Laughter has the power to strengthen the immune system, while boosting our moods, taking aways our pain and relieving stress. Laughter brings balance to our minds and our bodies faster than any vitamins or yoga classes that we have tried before. It sounds crazy, I know, but science doesn't lie. Our bodies are made with amazing tools to balance itself and give our bodies exactly what they need, but we have to help our bodies by providing the necessary tools to do so. In this case the tool is laughter.

During the pandemic laughter has been harder to come by due to restricting contacts with those we laugh with the most. We have been faced with an unprecedented amount of expectation. Families in which both parents are working while having the kids home all day, parents losing jobs and being forced to stay home and wallow in their sorrows. The added stress that has been brought on by the pandemic also caused us to draw further away from the power of laughter when we need it the most. It has taken our focus off of the daily joys. So, right here, right now, let's take a moment to get refocused and understand exactly how laughter can help our families.

Laughter has the ability to form bonds, and as a family during this trying time, laughter is needed at the highest levels. The family that laughs together, bonds together. Laughing releases endorphins, which are important for our mental health. The endorphins also promote a sense of togetherness as well as safety. So obviously, this is the time where those things are needed more than ever before.

Want to hear something interesting. Did you know that women laugh a heck of a lot more than men? Maybe this is one of the reasons that some tend to live longer. But that isn't the only interesting thing between men and women in regards to laughter. Relationships between men and women actually revolve around laughter. Let's take a deeper look. Sense of humor is one of the most important things that women look for in a relationship, men look for women that laugh as one of the most important things in a relationship. While they may not laugh as much, men actually want to hear women laugh at their jokes. How often are you and your loved ones laughing? What makes you laugh?

This may be the perfect time to put a bit of extra focus on the things that bring laughter into your home.

Suicide has been a rising problem during the pandemic. Unfortunately, people are struggling with the social distancing and feeling very alone. The top remedy for depression is endorphins... and what releases endorphins. Yep, laughing will definitely do the job. Bringing laughter into your home isn't always easy, as sometimes it requires effort. With the daily grind and the stress of life we get weighted down by all that goes on. We forget to take a moment for our family and our health. We forget to appreciate, we forget to smile, we forget to laugh.

Sometimes laughing requires work. Of course we prefer when it comes naturally, but the truth is that it will come more often and more naturally the more you do it. And well, we need to start somewhere. I know, I know, that seems a bit odd to have to work for smiles and laughter. BUT, everything worth having doesn't always come easy. Joy, smiles and laughter are no exception. These requires works sometimes too. Well, we can call it a conscious effort. When we make a conscious effort to provide time for joy and laughter, it will slowly become easier and easier to come by as everyone will feel and increase in endorphins and laugh easier.

Oh wait, did I mention that laughing is good for your heart! Our heart is kinda important, so we probably need to do what it takes to keep it healthy right? SO, if our heart needs laughter, then laughter it shall get. I won't go into too much detail, but the fact is that most heart diseases and illnesses are due to the bodies response to stress and inflammation as a resulting effect. Laughing provides an anti-inflammatory that protects the heart from these damaging effects.

Have I given you enough reasons yet? Do you see the importance of laughing and enjoying life? We all love to laugh and smile, but we forget to think of its importance. A laugh is so much more than just a laugh. Make someone smile today, make someone laugh today. Bring joy and giggles into your home and you will see a change in the entire energy of your loved ones. And if you need a little help, then follow us one instagram. We post silly jokes regularly to encourage laughter. I don't know about you, but I personally love a silly dad joke. It may not get a big laugh, but it is a start! Do yourself a favor and find something, anything, to laugh about today. The truth is that one laugh can be the change you need. Laughter is infectious, so start laughing and you laughter will spread to those around you. Your small laugh could help save the lives of those around you. I bet there is someone you know that needs a laugh right now, more than you realize.