boy playing boardgame

The Best Math Game For Kids!

Kids love to play! My kids wake up bright and early, ready to have fun. As a parent, I love their energy, but I also want their energy to be focused on learning. Truth be told, educational games are often no fun at all, plus they are a ton of work for the parents.

Especially when it comes to math. Name one game that teaches math and is actually fun to play... (crickets...) yep, that's about right.

This past year for my son's birthday ew received a gift that I will never forget. It was a board game called 'Sum Swamp'. Sum Swamp is by far the best math game I have found for young kids. My kids love board games, but they typically stick to simple games like Candyland or Chutes and Ladders. This game didn't seem super impressive to look at. The board looked simple and short, like the game would be over in a minute or two.

However, my kids were excited to play because they like Alligators, so we set the game up and began to play. My older two, ages 6 and 8 loved it! (it was probably a little too easy for the 8 year old, but he liked to play it with his brothers) Then the oldest started teaching my 3 and a half year old. My youngest is now 4 and he doesn't need any help adding and subtracting to play. He is a pro! Honestly I kinda can't believe how good he is at it. His math skills are far beyond where his brothers were at his age. he knows how to add and how to subtract. He is getting to know his odds and evens (although he still get these wrong sometimes). He even knows how to build the equations so that the biggest number comes first, so the subtraction problems work.

Thanks to this game, my 4 year old is mathematically ready for the first grade, but he starts preppy kindergarten in the fall. Now I just need to figure out how to keep this going... is there a multiplication game? Lol. Get this game for your little one now. I would say it is perfect for ages 3 years old to 7 years old. They will still enjoy it when they are eight and 9, but the educational value will be below them.