woman wearing mask working on computer

Staying Productive During the Pandemic

COVID-19 has disrupted everyone’s lives in one way or another. For some, it could be the changes in work arrangement, but for others, it could be a pay cut or retrenchment. Fortunately, for me, I was only given a slight pay cut. I consider myself to be very fortunate as I can spend more time at home with my 3 kids while working part time as a commercial property manager.

With more time on my hands, I decided to do what I have always wanted to – influence youths positively through writing children’s books. During this period of staying at home, I have released two additional books to my Super Science Squad series, making it a total of three. The two newest additions are: The Lost Pixie and Planet Zero. Not only that, there will be a new series of books which will be released in fall this year. The books are filled with fun experiments and magical fictional adventures to keep both you and your kids occupied during this period of time. While the characters are on their adventure, they will meet with a few problems which will be solved through real science. Direction for the science experiments are included in the books as well.

Another project that I am working on currently is my YouTube channel, Super Science Squad Fun for Kids. The channel features science projects as well as craft projects which my kids and I have been engaged in over the past few months. Through these small science projects, it brought my kids and I together, allowing us to forge a deeper bond.

Something to look forward to would be a new children’s series. The series will touch on how one can impact the world, regardless of age or how huge the act is. The aim of the series is to instill a positive behaviour in younger kids and to educate them on the small acts of kindness. Not only that, my two older kids will also be publishing their own books; we look forward to having your support on those books!

We will not know, nor can we predict, when this pandemic will end. But what we can do during this period is to make full use of our time by doing what we have always wanted to. It can be as simple as spending more time with your family, starting a doodling account on Instagram, a small online business, or a vlogging channel on YouTube. However small or big the goal is, as long as you stick to it and put in the effort consistently, you will be able to reach your goal. All the best!