Skills Every Child Needs to Develop Before First Grade

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As a parent, you only want the best for your child. Thus, you want to get them off to a good start. Early on, you begin researching the best schools and what your child should know heading into school.

Super Science Squad is here to help get your preschool, Pre-K, and kindergartner off on the right foot with our first grade math, science, and reading curriculum. Below, we'll go over some of the many skills your child needs to develop before first grade. Shop with us today!

children need to know personal and social development before first grade

Personal And Social Development

Since we all have to live together, being able to interact with others is super important in society. Being able to communicate their needs, their feelings, and their problems is a life skill that begins early on. These skills will translate into all facets of life as children grow.

children need to know language and literacy skills before first grade

Language and Literacy Skills

Children are expected to know the basics of the English language heading into first grade. In fact, the goal of kindergarten is to have children reading at a very basic level. This involves knowing the sounds letters make and being able to sound out simple new words.

children need to know mathematical thinking skills before first grade

Mathematical Thinking Skills

Having a sense of numbers is super important for children heading into first grade. Children should be able to count, have a basic understanding of addition and subtraction, and be able to group items. Most importantly, math should be fun so kids grow up enjoying math. Try our First Grade Prep Math course today!

children need to develop motor skills before first grade

Physical Development and Motor Skills

Motor skills, such as being able to hold a pencil, use scissors, and tie their shoes, is important for children heading into first grade. These skills will help your child with self-care, as well as independence. Plus, they are important for writing. Which your child will do a lot of as they age and throughout life.

Parents need all the help they can get when their children are younger to get them on the right path. It most definitely takes a village to raise your child. Let Super Science Squad help with our premier early years curriculum. From preschool experiments to our first grade math curriculum, your child will get the head start to success. Shop our courses online today!

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