mother and daughter in nature

Science Adventures for Kids

The year 2020 was one that was filled with new challenges. Never before in modern history have people been forced to stay home, and find a work life balance. If you are a parent, then the challenges that ensued were on a whole new level. Working remotely on zoom, while also entertaining kids, while also keeping them safe, and so on... well, the impossible had to become possible. Even when work hours have passed, if you survived that far, the kids are anxiously waiting for more entertainment.

While in the moment this situation proved exhausting and overwhelming, it also allowed for parents to get creative. The kids that were used to trampoline parks, bounce houses and playdates, were now being forced to entertain themselves with sticks and dirt. As a parent of three, my kids were introduced to the world around them in a whole new way. The science of the world became our evening and weekend adventures.

We learned about the weather, gravity, wind power, dinosaurs, archeology, the ecosystem, and more. There are two truths to this time period. One, it was hard and exhausting. Two, it was some of the best times, and created amazing memories for the kids and for me. In fact, during these trying times our website was launched and our adventures created our YouTube channel. I wrote multiple children's books that shared our love of science as well called, The Super Science Squad.

As we begin 2021, I see a light at the end of the tunnel. The world seems to be slowly returning to normal. As the vaccines become available we are returning to work, returning to school, and gathering in growing groups. The truth is, normal will not be quite the same for some time, but that might be a good thing in some regards. While I look forward to some normalcy, and not wearing multiple hats as parents, caretaker, teacher, employee, etc. I also hope to continue sharing Science Adventures with my kids and spending more time learning about the world together. We will keep posting on our channel and sharing our adventure as well.

To be clear, 2020 was far from a time of cupcakes and rainbows, but I am an optimist. I like to find the positive in everything, and our science adventures of 2020 were a blessing!