kids running

Pandemic Life For Kids

In a world that used to be filled with birthday parties, playdates, trampolines parks, bounce house fun, sports, bowling and more, kids have had to make some major adjustments over the past year.

My kids definitely miss sports, they miss their friends, they miss normalcy at school and spending time with family. They are troopers, but they wish they could get rid of their masks as well. Honestly, I think the holidays were the biggest change. Of course I have done what I can to make things special, but it has been a big change regardless.

Now, instead of dwelling on these things, I like to look at the pros in life instead of the cons. So, let's take a moment to acknowledge some pros about this pandemic time. My kids have played more outside this past year than ever before. They have built forts and a playhouse. They have found and collected all kinds of bugs. My kids have discovered, and gotten pretty good, at hide and seek. They play tag and ride their bikes for hours. My kids have learned to use and maneuver through google classroom life a pro. My kids know how to look up their schoolwork and complete a checklist without help, including my first graders. My kids have learned responsibility and how to do chores. Board games that sat in the closet are now getting used regularly.

Big changes, yes, but these changing have been a blessing. Lucky for me, all my kids are young, so they are able to adapt easily as long as I present things in a fun way. Oddly enough, they beg me for chores so they can go outside to ride go-karts with the neighbors. Do they have to do chores to go ride, not necessarily, but I said it once and now they think it is a thing. I am not going to argue, I mean, it benefits everyone.

I know pandemic has offered plenty of trials for everyone, and we are not an exception to that, but I hope there have been positives for everyone as well. Sometimes when life gets hard, we focus on the negative, and pandemic has been HARD. However, there are blessings, so take a moment to appreciate and recognize the positive things.

Perhaps you lost your job, but now you have been able to pursue your dream. Maybe you have been forced to work from home, but now you saved money on gas. Even the smallest of victories, are victories. My kids are growing fast, and if you are a parent, then you understand that we will never get these days back. So make the most of it and enjoy. Even in a pandemic, kids will continue to grow. Memories will be made, and time will pass quicker than ever. Take this opportunity to teach them how to be amazing adults. The world could use some adults that have skills that go beyond texting and tweeting. Compassion, caring, strength, knowledge, education... these will make our world a better place in the future.