man filming youtube video

Life On YouTube!

Have you considered starting a YouTube channel. Is looks so easy and fun. I mean, getting paid to make silly videos... that is the dream. Well, unfortunately there is much much more to it than meets the eye.

I am the proud CEO of a kids YouTube channel. I have been through the ups and downs of building my channel, and here is the cold hard truth. A YouTube channel is a job. There is no getting around that if you want to make money.

Now there are people who just make videos at random for fun and post them, but in those instances, it is simply a hobby. In order to make money on YouTube there are requirements, And the requirements will only get harder in the future. As of now, you need 1000 subscribers, which isn't easy, but it isn't terribly hard either. You also need 4,000 HOURS of watch time. That means people around the world have gone to your channel and watched your videos for 240,000 minutes. That is no easy feat, especially when many of the channels are posting videos that are about 5 minutes long. And let's be honest, most people don't watch the full video. They are simply scrolling by and skip to the nest video the moment they get bored. Once you do achieve these two goals, there is still one more hurdle, and that's signing up for Adsense. This also seems easy, but google offers no help, so if you have had an account before or a family member has had an Adsense account, then you will likely encounter some issues that are far from simple to fix.

Are you still interested in starting a channel? Well, if so, then let's talk about what you need to consider in getting started. First of all, one 5 minute video is not going to go far in reaching 4,000 hours of view time. You will need to post lots of videos. Silly videos are fun, but the best channels have an audience in mind and a set focus on what videos will suit there audience. If you are starting a kids channel, then it is important to know what kids want and what they look for in YouTube videos. If you are starting a fitness channel, then find a way to meet the needs of people that watch fitness videos and to make your channel stand out.

While short videos can be great, it is important to make longer videos as well. This can be very useful for getting more watch hours. In fact, if you are promoting videos, then I suggest promoting the longer videos.

When starting your channel be realistic. Don't expect your channel to be a success on day 1, video 1. Most people take 1-2 years to qualify for monetization, aka making money on YouTube. My channel qualified in 8 months, but I worked my tail off to get there. It wasn't something I achieved by posting a few videos and sitting back with a cocktail in hand.

YouTube isn't going anywhere, and while many people feel they missed the boat, that is very untrue, The truth is that starting now could be a great decision. In 6 months you will wish you had started now. If this is important to you and something you want to do then don't wait, but be smart, be strategic, and give it your all. The opportunity is real, but it doesn't happen overnight. Create a plan and go after it with all you have, then you are certain to find success.