young boy laying on bed

Life As A Boy Mom

I truly never considered that I wouldn't have girls when I decided to have kids. I think most of us naturally picture a combination of both, boys and girls. A house filled with a balance of tutus and trains, princesses and monsters... but I was destined for something different. I was destined to be a boy mom.

When my first son was born, I was just so excited to be a mom. This precious human being was a part of us. He was perfect in everyday. We decorated the nursery with blue, which is no surprise, and filled our home with cars, and trucks and all the boy things.

When our second son joined the family, the two were very close in age. In all reality, it was perfect. They each had a buddy from the day he entered the world and made our family, a family of four.

By the time our third son was joining the family, our second son would be two and a half years old, and our oldest would be just 4 years old. That's four years of experience being a boy mom. That is four years of being surrounded by blue, and cars, and dinosaurs, and train, and now it was just what we knew. In all honesty, another boy seemed like the perfect fit, so we truly couldn't have been happier. We would save the clothes for handing down, the toys were passed down, if they survived. Believe it or not, my nursery has yet to be painted again. The blue was perfect, although each of my kids had different decals and decorations. The crib and dresser never changed either.

Now, looking back, I wonder if I would have even been a very good girl mom. Boy mom seems to suit me. Boys love their mama. I have three little tikes that love me with all they have day in, and day out. They will protect me and care for me as they grow, and they know I will do the same for them. Does this mean it is easy? Heck no!

Let get real. Boys are stinky. They love dirt, and bugs, and boogers, and... oh my goodness the number of conversations about poop and farts are endless. (I want to believe those become less as they grow, but I have heard it doesn't) I could share story after story, but they might never forgive me. The honest truth is that from day one they have taken me out of my comfort zone, and that is what makes it so fun and exciting each and every day. I am comfortable at tea parties, and wearing tutus, but my comfort level is challenged when I am surrounded by dirt and boogers.

I also learned there are tons of benefits to being a boy mom that I never thought of. Here are a few, incase you are reading this as a new boy mom, or a soon to be boy mom and you are a bit afraid.

  1. I have never done a braid or a ponytail before school. My boys take 2 seconds to run a comb through and they are out the door.

  2. My house isn't buried under a pile of tiny shoes, purses, and shopkin types of tiny things that girls collect.

  3. There is hardly any drama in my home

  4. My kids don't care what they wear to school, they just throw on anything that's comfortable.

  5. Boys are typically cheaper overall, unless they join an expensive sport.

  6. Boys don't fill drawer after drawer with endless hair accessories, bows, purses and more

  7. I never had to clean between the 'folds' during a diaper change (but I did have to be on the lookout for a runaway fountain)

In all reality, these things likely wouldn't bother me if I had a girl, I may have even enjoyed some of them, but the idea of that now... it is so far from what I know. The idea of a girl at this point is a bit terrifying.

Boy mom or girl mom, whatever you are blessed with, it is meant to be. You will love them and they will love you.