boy playing with gravitrax

Building Fun For Kids!

Are your kids fans of #legos? I mean, what kid isn't... but they are super expensive and most sets only turn into one thing. If your kids are like mine, they build it once and move on. I felt like this is such a waste of money. We have tried a variety of building toys. There are some fun STEM toys that help develop fine motor skills, but they all seem to be a one and done thing for my kiddos.

Last Christmas my oldest received this new building set that I had passed multiple times at the store, not giving it the time of day. It was a marble maze, but it was a bit pricey. I didn't think it looked super exciting, but my kids thought otherwise.

My kids couldn't wait to open it and start building.

The gift was a starter set for #Gravitrax. It comes with everything you need to build a variety of tracks, and you can even make your own. Plus, the creators were smart enough to know that once your kids are fans of Gravitrax, then they will come back for more.

They sell multiple different kits that have new tracks. Plus, the more sets you have, the more #creative your kids can get.

My kids love building multiple tracks and racing to see which track is the fastest. I love that my kids are learning engineering and problem solving, without realizing that they are learning at all.