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Join the How to Draw course today, and get free access to the brand new Thanksgiving Holiday Bundle!


How to Draw!

This course will provide you and your kids with continuous drawing projects to help them develop their skills and grow into their artistic potential!

This course provides new projects to work on every month, as well as free access to the monthly Holiday Activity Bundles! Start out by learning how to draw the Wreck it Ralph collection, and keep on improving every month from there!


Shape Drawing Course

The world is filled with shapes. Everything we see is created from a variety of shapes. This course teaches students how to see the world through the eyes of an artist, by breaking things down into shapes. Watch your little artist grow as they learn to create using shapes.

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Character Drawing

Drawing is fun. Learning to draw your favorite Disney characters and Marvel Superheroes is great, BUT in order to create your own artwork and characters you need to learn to think like an artist. This course starts at the beginning to develop your little ones into a master artist that can create almost anything!

This one-time course starts at the beginning to develop you into a master of basic characters, giving you a strong foundation as an artist!

About These Courses

While the YouTube videos are fun, they are not teaching art in a way that develops the viewer into an artist. In order to create, artists need to understand the basics.

Art classes can be hundreds of dollars a month. With 3 kids, that just isn't an option. I decided to create and provide my own online lessons to help teach artists how they can create starting from square one.

Join me to get step by step lessons that will help you develop your skills and your perspective, so you can see the world like an artist.

Four Reasons to Sign Your Child Up for a Drawing Class

If you’re considering enrolling your child in a children’s art class, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are a number of great benefits! With step-by-step lessons, your child will develop skills and enjoy numerous bonuses along the way.


Helps Develop Motor Skills and Coordination

As a parent, encouraging your child to draw also means helping them to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Needless to say, this sets your kids up for long-term success because these skills are needed to handle everything from typing, to driving a car, to playing sports. Helping your child develop these skills at a young age provides them with the tools they need to grow.

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Boosts Concentration

Getting your child to concentrate on anything other than the television can sometimes feel like an impossible task. When you enroll your child in an art class, you’re helping them to improve their concentration. Because drawing is such a visual task, it’s much easier for kids to stay engaged and focused as they work to bring their vision to life.

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Teaches Them to Solve Problems

As your child works to complete his or her drawing, it also provides an opportunity to adapt along the way. Because children are always learning, being able to react to their drawings as they make them is a great method of teaching them to solve problems. Additionally, when your child is concentrating on a task and something goes wrong, their concentration gives them the drive they need to adjust and make changes as they work.


Improves Confidence

Perhaps most importantly, drawing provides your child with the perfect opportunity to build their confidence. As their skills grow, they start taking pride in the art that they create, and the cycle of confidence continues to build. One great way to help your child with their confidence is to provide positive feedback and display their art around your home!

There’s a lot to love about signing your child up for an elementary art class! Whether your child is just learning the basics or looking to take their skills to the next level, you’re sure to love the courses we offer.

Help your children start thinking like an artist today!

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