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Your little one has the potential to change the world, but how they start their academic journey can lay the groundwork for a lifetime of learning. Super Science Squad in California is here to help students everywhere develop a love for learning while giving them the tools to succeed.

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About Our Squad

Kids are our joy, and enabling them to thrive in academic environments is why we’re here to help. Learn about our story and dedication to learning.

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Super Science Squad offers books, YouTube resources, and highly rated child education courses to prepare your child for elementary school. Browse our page to get started!

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Have questions about our early learning materials or about our courses? Contact us online to get in touch!

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Founded By a Busy Mom

Brooke Stevens began this journey after her kids entered first grade. They loved learning, yet their workbooks failed to prepare them for anything beyond the second week. Super Science Squad is excited to offer pre-first grade courses designed to prepare young learners for the modern classroom and foster a love for ongoing education.

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